Your holiday is fast approaching and you’re spending endless hours in the gym toning and sweating your butt off. Do you really want to throw all of this hard work away on one over indulgent getaway?

Of course not and you don’t need to. There are plenty of ways to eat and drink without piling on the pounds and loosing your fitness motivation.

6 Simple Tips For Staying Healthy When You’re Traveling

Travel The Healthy Way

Your holiday starts on the plane and the recirculated air can effect your body and immune system, so it’s essential to keep hydrated. Swap your coffee and glass of wine for water and keep drinking it throughout the flight. Drinking water will make you pee more which will give you the perfect excuse to take regular walks up and down the isle so you can stretch your legs and body.

Natural Vitamin D

Sunlight is natural vitamin D. It allows you to absorb calcium and phosphate to keep your bones healthy as well as boosting your immune system. Exposing yourself to 20 minutes of sunlight a day without sunscreen will get you your daily dose of vitamin D. One way is going for an early morning walk, it’s also the perfect way to start the day.

6 Simple Tips For Staying Healthy When You’re Traveling

Staying Active

There are so many ways to exercise on holiday without the use of your local gym. Exploring your new surroundings, go for a morning walk or jog before the day heats up. Swimming is a great way to use every muscle in your body and if you get up early enough you may have the pool to yourself. Check if your hotel has morning yoga or stretch classes. I always bring a mat or towel with me and find a spot to do some Pilates outside (everyone is welcome to join in!)

Catching Up On Sleep

Holidays are a great way to allow your body to unplug and recharge but many of us never give this luxury to ourselves as we’re constantly in go go go mode. Just slowing down, experiencing new surroundings and meeting different people can have such a positive effect on our bodies and in turn will give you the quality of sleep you need. On some of our tours we have morning and or evening meditations which will leave you feeling calm and energised at the same time.

6 Simple Tips For Staying Healthy When You’re Traveling

Vitamin Junkie

It is no secret that I am religious about getting all of my daily vitamins and the first thing I do where ever I’m staying is find where I can get some natural, preferably vegetable fresh juices made each day. Most countries will have amazing local fruits and vegetables to try and just swapping one meal a day with fruits or vegetables will help you to fuel your body with the right nutrition and keep you feeling energised.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Health and fitness to me is a way of life and can be a incorporated into your daily lifestyle no matter where you are in the world. By making small daily changes on your holiday will make all of the difference to how you feel when you go back home. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Hire a Pedalo and get to see some undiscovered coastlines. Hire a bike to the local village instead of taking a taxi. Go on a morning hike and see the sunrise. There are endless things to do to keep you healthy and don’t involve piling on the pounds!

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Dawn SimoneTraveling, meeting people, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures has become part of how I love to live. Join me and experience authentic cultures, traditions and hidden gems not normally known about from an off-the-shelf holiday.

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