“It’s only in stepping outside of our comfort zone, permitting ourselves to move towards something we can’t quite picture, that we allow for the slow unfolding of memories in the making – and, yes, for that horizon line to inch back just a little further”.  Pilar Guzman, Editor in Chief, Conde Nast Traveler

Happy June! I can’t believe that we are already in June. And because time is so fleeting, today I want to speak to you about the choices we make and how that affects the travel memories in our lives.  In my experience, we are always planning or making lists or trying to make “time” for something important in our lives.  But do you ever find yourself living for what you want to do when the time is “right” or when you have more “money” or get a new job?  The problem is that the time will never be right.  If you keep waiting, then you will risk living a life filled with excuses instead of memories.   There are six months left of 2019 (I know, so crazy!) and today I want to remind you to remember the goals you made on January 1st and stop wasting time and take the leap!  The trip you have always wanted to take won’t happen unless you make the decision. Speaking from personal experience, getting out of my comfort zone has been a huge factor in my life.  It has open doors to paths I never knew existed.  Recently, I just returned from a Safari trip to Africa (you can catch my photos on our Instagram!) and it made me realize how much more of this world there’s still to see. I met so many amazing people on this trip and came back with more knowledge about culture and our planet than I’ve learned in a very long time.  While some of your travel journey’s don’t need to involve a trip to Africa, they are as equally as important in the grand scheme of things because they allow us to grow. 

So as we get closer to ending the year, I want you to remember that time is the one thing we don’t get back so why not make the best of it.  In the end, taking time to travel only enriches our lives more and makes us better human beings.  I promise you that traveling and making memories is the one thing you won’t regret. 

With Love,

Dawn xo

About Dawn Simone

Dawn SimoneTraveling, meeting people, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures has become part of how I love to live. Join me and experience authentic cultures, traditions and hidden gems not normally known about from an off-the-shelf holiday.

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