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I hope you are all enjoying the beginning days of Summer.  

As they say, new seasons bring new opportunities and a renewed sense of purpose.  Don’t you think? This is why I love the start of a new season because it feels like you get a fresh start! It’s not that I question our purpose because that has been very clear from the very beginning.   We exist for women like you, from all walks of life, in all stages of life.  The curious solo traveler. The busy mum who needs some me-time.  The inspiration seeking directress. The friends who never have time to meet. The adventure junkies, the introvert, the extrovert and, women who just want to explore this amazing world we live in with other like-minded souls.  However, as we keep growing and discovering what journeys work best for you, we are currently working on launching a few trips that dive deeper into the different ways women have a global impact in the travel industry.  

We want to push the conversation further by not only creating trips for you but also helping support women around the world who are also in the travel industry. We plan to achieve this by working with women in different industries who are experts in, food and beverage, hotel owners, artists, travel guides,  etc. These are experts that the women on our trips will be able to meet!  This idea is important to me because as a woman in the travel industry, I realize over the years that traveling is more than just a “vacation” or a “hobby”, traveling gives us the opportunity to have an impact in the world and challenges us to co-create experiences with different cultures and people from all walks of life.  This is why I created Elle Voyage, not just to give YOU lifetime travel experiences but to also inspire you to connect deeper to the world around us. We can’t wait to share the amazing trips we are working on for next year! Stay tuned. 😉 

In the meantime, our trips to Costa Rica and Cambodia still have space! 

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Much love,

Dawn xx

About Dawn Simone

Dawn SimoneTraveling, meeting people, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures has become part of how I love to live. Join me and experience authentic cultures, traditions and hidden gems not normally known about from an off-the-shelf holiday.

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