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Experience authentic cultures, traditions and hidden gems not normally known about from an off-the-shelf holiday

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Personalized Itinerary Packages

What differentiates us from similar companies?

  • Experiential tours of no more than 14 women.
  • Experts who carefully design every detail so you get to experience authentic cultural, traditional and hidden gems not normally known about from an off the shelf holiday.
  • We source unique local activities and restaurants who re-invest their profits back into training their local community.
  • We spend money locally and are mindful of the local economy and ensure that our tourism benefits the right people.
  • A unique blend of site seeing and free time so you can immerse yourself in the local flavours and bond with your Voyage girlfriends.
  • Unique and boutique accommodation and some of the most authentic restaurants available.
  • Not having to lift a finger because we do all the arranging so you can focus on experiencing the wonders of the world.
  • Local guides are excellent in their field to ensure you have the best information at every destination.
  • You have the choice to be matched up with a roommate if you prefer to keep the costs down.

Elle Voyage

"As creative women we are full of passion, forever evolving and reinventing ourselves"

We take you on a journey to the meet the local women in our destinations so you can feel and grasp their effervescent & vibrant souls!

Trip Consulting

But, we are so much more than that

  • We understand you and your current frustrations.
  • We know that you crave excitement and long to have life changing experiences so you can enjoy your own personal travel stories and memories.
  • We know you’ve been patiently waiting for the opportunity to connect with other women like yourself who want to enrich their knowledge and immerse themselves with ancient cultures, local customs, traditions and people.
  • We know that you’re passionate and free spirited but traveling alone isn’t an option you want to explore. You want to share your discoveries with others who have the same love and enthusiasm as you.
  • We know that traveling injects you with a new lease of life which motivates and inspires you long after you return home.
  • We know how important it is for you feel relaxed and comfortable make lifelong friends who share the same love of life as you.
  • We know you maybe a little apprehensive as you’ve never done anything like this before and stepping out of your comfort zone will feel truly exhilarating once you’ve made the decision to do it.
  • We know that a single moment you would otherwise never have experienced comes from our expert understanding of a place and knowing where to go.

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